Stone, Timber, Ceramic, Chrome, Glass – the organic materials and sculptural shapes that go into a bathroom are pleasing to the senses.

Because we often want to fit a lot into limited space, bathrooms often have special spatial design challenges that an experienced bathroom designer can overcome successfully.

Your bathroom needs to be not only functional, but to have a feeling of luxury, relaxation and calm. Somewhere you can take a few minutes out of your day to breathe and take time out.

Maggie’s calm clear communication enabled the job to flow well between herself, the cabinetry manufacturers, the builders and other subcontractors. She was reliable and professional at all times.
Maggie established good relationships from the start and was pleasant and fun to work with. Her ideas and advice were valuable while also hearing and appreciating our needs, values, and style.
We would recommend Maggie with full confidence to anyone planning on future design work.

Diana Edwards

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